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G.L. Hansen & Sons

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It all started in the summer of 2018

In the summer of 2018 Greg Hansen SR was challenged by a knife maker friend to make “micarta.” Not knowing anything about “micarta” he set out to figure out the process. In the first week of August marks the first sale and the beginning of a quest to perfect the product.

Proudly made in Nampa, Idaho.


G-carta is a unique composite of different colored fabrics compressed with epoxy, and cured thru pressure and heat. The timely process is a lot of hard work and dedication, which the creator Greg Hansen Sr has dedicated so much of his time figuring out this unique composite. We are so excited to share our ever-growing business with all of you.


Rag-carta is a blend of shredded fabric and epoxy cured under heat and pressure. We have the ability to make specific color combinations that match our existing line of G-carta. Our most popular rags are Party-Rag, Tahitian-Rag, and Peacock-Rag. These unique colors and designs come out so great, that everyone loves. This product sells out fast! So, when it is in stock get it quick!


Westingfaux is very unique composite of different colors of paper cured under heat and pressure. We have many different colors and patterns in Westingfaux as well as all of our other products. ostly Westingfaux is made with solid colors, but we do have some with lines thru the layers of paper. One of our most popular Westingfaux product is our Thin Blue Line paper. 

Combining fashion and art with manufacturing to create the new line of G-Carta.

By the winter of 2019 Greg’s longtime friend Mikie, an artist and fashion designer began working on creating new designs and patterns for the already unprecedented G-carta style. Mikie’s background in the fashion and art world combined with Greg’s manufacturing process has brought to life many of our more popular patterns, such as Mexican Blanket Especial, Starry Night, and Jelly Roll patterns. Please follow along with us as we continue to explore and develop our product.

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